Stucco Repair Basics Tips and Tricks

You may already have noticed, there are several varieties of stucco appearing in today’s home improvement or construction world. There are a variety of stucco forms at your fingertips. But you can place them all in just three separate categories. 

There’s a tri-coat stucco that is also called as typical stucco. A part of it is cement, sand, water, and lime in a mix. There is also one that is known as synthetic and acrylic stucco that is essentially a stucco cover. Then there’s the single coat stucco method that has a base coat about half an inch thick with an almost paper-thin finish. 

1. Classic Stucco 

Classic stucco was used as the exterior siding of the house for many years by builders or home construction professionals. It is oftentimes called as stucco paint or stucco hard-coat. It has been proven to be a lot more robust and flexible. It is tailored to the homeowner’s individual needs. 

2. Synthetic Stucco  

This kind of stucco has many names. It’s also called as acrylic stucco or elastomeric stucco. These two names will be used interchangeably. The EIFS provides continuous structural insulation, giving architects the versatility in design and functionality they need while continuing to meet new codes.  

Stucco is an exterior cladding system for walls consisting of insulation boards connected either mechanically or adhesively to the substrate. It’s an intricately reinforced base coating with a textured finishing layer. 

3. Single Coat Stucco  

Continuing the discussion on the various kinds of stucco, this third type has been attracting a lot of traction lately. The single-coat stucco’s newer technology in the construction world, is one of the most effective stucco types available, because it takes minimal time or effort to use. 

Since a single-coat stucco can be described as a combination of chemicals, the specific mixture differs from firm to firm. Nevertheless, the similarities of the various products focus on the goal of streamlining the stucco application process. 

What’s All About Repairing Stucco? 

Now that you’ve decided what stucco really is and the different types of stucco you’re working on with let you answer some really critical questions. Stucco repair pertains to the process of identifying specific cases of stucco damage, repairing those specific issues, and replacing more stucco with damaged material.  

In short, restoring stucco means fixing the damage. However it does not pertain to the inherent defect. It is equivalent to treating illness symptoms instead of eliminating the disease. Stucco repair can overlook flood damage in certain parts of your household wherein the stucco has not been removed, as a less invasive alternative. 

Hire Stucco Repair Experts  

Stucco repair experts are easily available these days. It is just a matter of finding the right people for the job. Start by finding out which contractors are most skilled, hardworking, and knowledgeable in the job. You’ll have to know the right people in the business so it’s easier for you to get the results that you want. Improving your home is going to be more stress-free.